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 Red Kings Poker Review

RedKings has been described as fast-growing; as the #1 Poker site; and a lot of other good things...but to be honest, what we really care about is making sure that you enjoy your poker and casino games in a safe, secure and fun environment.

RedKings playing Texas Holdem, Omaha or even 7 Card Stud and 5 Card Draw look no further than RedKings Poker. With 6 different deposit bonuses, reliable software and over $16,000,000 in tournament guarantees each month there is truly something for everybody .

RedKings has something to offer players of all abilities and with hundreds of thousands of fellow members you'll never have to wait for a game.

RedKing Poker Software is offered on the Ongame software platform, which is by far the most popular choice of poker and casino software. Our software is preferred by players worldwide for its ease of use, reliability and fantastic graphics. Choose your favourite avatar in the card room and while you play poker, enjoy all the attractive features available.

For example, you can track your statistics in a conveniently located box that opens below the main game screen by a simple click on an icon. Do you like chatting? An easy-to-read chat box opens up on the side of the screen, so you can keep an eye on it while you play.

Ongame’s software is constantly updated and improved, with great features that give you the choice of how you play our games. Don't want to download the games because you're at work, not at your home PC or just travelling around world, play the non-download Java (instant play) versions.

Feel like playing a few hands of Blackjack while you're waiting for a poker tournament to start? Go to the Casino tab and click to enter the Blackjack tables.

Your player account is easy to manage, with clear information on your transaction history, bonus history and other important statistics.

All in all, Ongame is trustworthy and attractive software, and we know you'll enjoy it.

RedKings Bonus & Promotions

RedKings is known for dishing out some of the most generous bonuses with the fastest clearance rates in the industry. Choose between 6 amazing First Deposit Bonuses which are either ‘fixed' or ‘stepped'. A fixed bonus pays out in full when you earn all the points required and Stepped means the bonus is paid out in increments:

100% up to $250
Players using this bonus option must use deposit code hearts250 upon deposit. Players have 30 days to clear this bonus and the requirements are 8 Player Points per $1 in bonus.

100% up to $500
This initial deposit bonus is available to all players who utilize bonus code diamonds500 with their first deposit. Players have 45 days to clear 9 Player Points per $1 in bonus.

100% up to $1,000
Finally, for those players who play the higher stakes or can grind over the course of 60 days, this bonus is attained by using bonus code kings1000 . Players will need to earn 10 Player Points per bonus dollar.

500% up to $1250
RedKings Poker's entry level into incremental bonuses. Players need to earn 8 Player Points for each $1 of bonus and players have 60 days to clear the bonus. However, the bonus is released in 25% increments. Please use bonus code KINGSIZE1250 .

1000% up to $2500
The next step up in incremental bonus is this massive bonus where players have 90 days to clear this bonus up to $2500. Players need to earn 9 Player Points per $1 in bonus. Please use bonus code KINGSIZE2500 . Bonus pays out in 4 increments.

2000% up to $5000
Finally, by using bonus code KINGSIZE5000 , players can earn this bonus. Players have 90 days to clear this 10x Player Point per $1 bonus. Bonus pays out in 4 equal increments.

You even get a $10 bonus for getting pocket Red Kings and $50 bonus if you get beaten in a showdown with Pocket Red Kings.


Play your online poker at RedKings. It is easy, safe and secure with prompt pay outs and fantastic customer service


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