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 Carbon Poker Review

CarbonPoker's software is a world class online digital gaming platform, using the latest in network technology to bring you fast, smooth and exciting poker action that is both safe and fair.

The software is packed with exciting features to enhance your gaming experience.

Bad Beat Jackpot

Ever had a bad beatplaying poker? If you have quad 7's or higher and are beaten then you would have hit the Jackpot! The bad beat Jackpot!

You feel like screaming. You've just lost a huge pot to a really bad suck out. You just took a really Bad Beat. Though instead of the agony and frustration...what if there was cash. Play now at CarbonPoker for a chance at our Bad Beat Jackpot!

You feel like screaming. You claw at your hair in agony. You've just lost a huge pot to a really bad suck out. You just took a really Bad Beat. Though instead of the agony and frustration...what if there was cash. Lots of cash. More cash than you could count.

Well if you're playing on the listed bad beat tables at CarbonPoker your worst bad beat may become the best hand you ever play with the massive Bad Beat Jackpot. In any Texas Hold'em game, you will be looking to maximise your value when you pick up Quads. The chance to go all-in is automatic, but what happens if your opponent is holding higher Quads, or even a Straight Flush?

These are the worst of the Bad Beats, though with the Bad Beat Jackpot, these hands could see you pocketing thick wads of cash.

The jackpot is seeded by taking 50 cents from every pot on the specially labelled ring game tables. As soon as a player has a monster hand cracked, the jackpot will be won, with every active player at the table receiving a portion of the prize money! The player with the losing hand will pick up the biggest percentage, so if you have Quad sevens or better using both hole cards, you should definitely hope to get beaten!

Caribbean Stud Jackpot

CarbonPoker'sprogressive jackpot that keeps on paying! It has been seen that 20 cents can pay out over $70,000 in cash!

The Caribbean Stud Jackpot is a progressive jackpot that builds as you play each hand! In addition to your normal bet against the dealer, you can also insert a Jackpot entry into the entry slot on the table. This ensures you are in the running to win Jackpot prizes.

If you make any of the five hands below, you will win Jackpot cash! If you make a Royal Flush, the entire Jackpot will be yours. CarbonPoker have given away hundreds of thousands of dollars in Caribbean Stud Jackpot winnings, and Jackpot is always rising, ready to be won!

Simply download the CarbonPoker software to check out our Caribbean Stud tables and start winning today!

Time Bank

Feeling pressed for time making that tough call? Well with Time Bank you can literally press for time!

You accumulate time from previous hands that you made quick decisions, banking it for future use when you don't need the pressure from the ticking clock to make the right call

Version 4.4 brings with it several new features including the time bank. The time bank is exactly as it sounds - a bank of time. It essentially allows you extra time when those hard decisions are forced upon you.

In tournament games, the time bank is set at a certain amount depending on the type of tournament, and when a player wishes to use the time in their time bank, they must activate it by clicking on the button located just above the bet slider bar. You are able to activate the time bank once you're usual allotted time is almost out, it then pops up next to your player box displaying how many seconds you have. Once you play your hand, any remaining time is saved for the next time you wish to use the feature.

This is the same for ring games; however ring games allow players to constantly accrue time in their time bank as they play up until the maximum time has been accrued.

Deal It Twice

Deal It Twice will give two all-in players the option to deal the turn and river community cards two times.

Comp Points

Earn reward points as you play poker! Use these points to redeem merchandise or entry into poker tournaments and events.

Quick Start

Need a quick hit of poker? Dial in your game preferences and BAM! You're playing poker!

Rabbit Hunt

After you win a poker hand, you may wonder what the flop, turn or river could have been, you can now Rabbit these cards to see what could have been.

Multiple Windows

You can sit and play poker at multiple tables simultaneously. You can even throw in a game of black jack or roulette while participating in your favorite poker tournament.

Vector Graphics

Sparing you the technical mumbo jumbo, vector graphics means you will have clear crisp game play no matter what size computer screen you have!

Expose one card

This feature gives you the chance to keep your opponents guessing. After laying down a hand, you may choose to show one or both of your hole cards, which one is up to you and your strategy.

Player Tag

So you play against your friends every week, you know their game inside out. What if you play against 1000's of players a week? How would you remember who is the shark, who is a bluff and when do they bluff? Player taglets you take notes and keep track of who you're really up against.

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